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Friday, November 25, 2011

Great Article about Health Benefits of Exercise

Hi everyone,

Here's a great article about the health benefits of exercise.

Fitness and its Benefits While Fighting Cancer

Exercise has a number of potential health benefits, especially related to cancer. Regular physical activity can help to reduce the risk of numerous diseases. Exercise can also improve mood, help with insomnia and increase energy level. 

Aside from helping you control weight, exercise can help to reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol. With these benefits, exercise can help to prevent heart disease. Regular physical activity can also reduce your risk of a stroke, type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndromes, and arthritis and strengthen bones. 

Exercise can help to improve your mood, which is a critical component of cancer. Physical fitness releases certain neurotransmitters, which can affect your mental state. Cancer can cause depression or stress which exercise can help to relieve. Exercise can also boost energy levels, which is important with a diagnosis of cancer. Regular physical fitness can help you sleep better, if you suffer from insomnia. Some side effects of cancer treatment can cause insomnia and fatigue which fitness can help to improve. 

Physical fitness can help to ward off different types of cancer. Studies suggest that regular physical exercise can reduce your risk of breast and colon cancer, among other cancers. A recent of panel of researchers suggested that regular activity is also important for people with any type of cancer, including rare and fatal cancers such as mesothelioma

The National Cancer Institute published the report in June of 2010 by the panel of 13 experts on health. The benefits of exercise on cancer are well documented, according to the report. Exercise can help prevent fatigue and increase physical functioning. However, exercise can have even more effects on certain cancers and can increase survival rates. 

In the past, doctors normally recommended that patients with cancer rest and take it easy. However, after the new research, physicians are now informing patients to avoid inactivity. Depending on the type of your cancer or the stage of your treatment, you should include some sort of fitness in your daily routine. Even if you are only able to take short walks daily, any type of activity is beneficial. Aerobic exercises, such as walking, cycling or swimming is usually recommended. However, strength training may also be helpful to keep your muscles toned during cancer treatment. 

Consult your physician before you start to exercise to make sure it is not counter indicated with your condition. 

by David Haas


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